I love these colours, whether worn on your bag, in your hair, around your wrist, even as a side belt - instantly find yourself in a fun, mood! An uplifting, fun, playful scarf. Perfect for every occasion and essential for summer!  CLR:  light Green, Blush & Orange

A chic satin crepe scarf: This beautiful scarf can be used many ways - it adds a hint of sophistication to an outfit when worn around the neck. A chic element of unique style when worn as a belt or bow on trousers/jeans and tied around a bag. And a hipster fun vibe around the wrist or in the hair.

Scarf details:

125cm x 6cm. Satin Crepe machine washable at 30 degrees and does not need ironing. Colourfast. Vegan-friendly. Sustainable fashion. Designed & handmade in the UK by Kate Whyley