Last year we were able to raise over £70 for the charity 'Touch Network' because of your kind support, this year I would love to double that figure!  With all orders placed before 30th January, We will donate 20% to the 'Beat the Blues' campaign.


So: January is here - a time when we reflect; leaving us feeling enthusiastic and excited about the prosperous new year ahead... possibly disappointed, lonely, desperate to see change. It's certanly important to reflect, and to make sure that its constructive when I do it -  I love having people around me to talk with. 

This month I'm supporting a charity which was started locally by a close friend, Debs Carter, ten years ago when we were both slightly more bright-eyed (evidence above). Her vision has grown into a charity, cited as one of the 'one's to watch' ( awarded by: Social Entreuprenuers Index), she encourages and invites people to share their stories and reflections with others in a safe place of no judgment.


The 'Beat The Blues' campaign has been created by the Charity to shine a light on, for some, a depressing month in the year. Aiming to support the mental wellbeing of others and raising awareness that it really is ok, good, enlightening, to talk. I am delighted and super proud to be partnering with this vision to help share the love.

The reason I'm so proud is that I love what Debs is passionate about encouraging: Touch Network fosters a no boundaries policy, the simple message is TALK! Take time to talk to others, even when you think your stuff is embarrassing, awkward, shameful  - whatever you feel - its all totally important for good reflection. 

There are meetups held in relaxed cafe bars - depression, anxiety, disbelief, physical disability, family breakdown have all been talked about. Other talks held have included, how great business acumen got me to where I am, how I used disability to change direction and do one thing amazingly (that's me!), how a group of strangers gathered to buy an unused bank and turn it into a community bookshop! ( that's not me!... But absolutely true!!). 


I think you're great!

It's vital to express who you are and acknowledge that the struggles, hard times, good times you walk through don't get brushed aside - they enable you to become who you are today in a really positive way. When I listen to other people's journeys there are elements that resonate with me  - it's empowering and helps me learn and understand who I have been, who I am, and who I am becoming. 

'Beat the Blues' is a lovely opportunity to think of someone who will really appreciate a pick me up in the next couple of weeks and smother them with kindness  - a friend who always thinks of others - maybe not so much themselves, someone who doesn't have anyone, basically - the person you are thinking of now who would be bowled over that you had thought of them.




January 17, 2020 — Kate Whyley